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What is Sprecto

Our purpose is to help you laugh and smile about serious and non serious things. We ask you come often just to read and look around. Please also Register so we can notify you of new ”Societies” and Promotions that we will add and will send you a free bumper sticker (just pay $1.50 shipping and handling).


 Our satire is bold, direct, and in our opinion true and designed to be fill with humor so please enjoy.


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Please Read and Enjoy Our Societies!

 We spend many days and nights talking about serious and non-serious issues in our life and while many of these are important why not laugh or smile about them as well. Whether it is preventing cruelty to Ugly people or even Beautiful People and Mosquitoes and many others all will have a humor all their own. So join one or more of our Societies and share this with friends and family thus making everyone smile.

We have many more coming so come back often and enjoy a good laugh. Please do not forget to Register so we can send you new Societies as they become available and get a free “Official Member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beautiful People” bumper sticker.

All products have a 30-day money back guarantee if you purchase, so try a society without risk.