Ugly People


Let the world know that you are ugly and you deserve respect!

Ugly People - membership-kit Membership Kit $49.95

Membership kits are the least expensive way to purchase which include all society support items (T-shirt, Hat, Bumper Sticker, License Plate, Society Membership Card, Table Tent, and Wall Certificate).

Keep in mind that your “Membership Card” contains a number that when used eliminates all shipping and handling charges on all future purchases but only for a limited time.

Ugly People - white-hat White Hat $16.95
Ugly People - black-hat Black Hat $16.95

Hats are fully adjustable

Ugly People - t-shirt T-Shirt $18.95

T-Shirts are made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester blend.

Ugly People - license-plate License Plate $9.95
Ugly People - bumper-sticker Bumper Sticker $9.95